Emilie Moe

Tarot Reader Psychic Emilie Moe

Tarot Reader Psychic Emilie Moe.  My name is Emilie Moe, (Emmy). I’m a Spiritualist, born bred New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, proud mother of three and married. I’m a down to earth psychic with a diehard passion for Tarot, who has been performing divination since the young age of 11. Most Hispanic’s are just born into divination.  I specialize in love/romance readings but, also can read on anything under the sun.  It’s my gift.

My love for tarot and spirituality drove me to become, a full-time Professional  Psychic Tarot Reader in 2009.  I aid in all matters of the heart and questions on the mind.

In 2016, I was also the USgames.Inc ( The largest tarot distributor in the world) tarot reader for the NY NOW convention conducting tarot readings representing them for tons of business owners. I am also proud to say that, I will soon be releasing my own  self-published tarot deck named Emilie’s Kindred Spirits Tarot  if you would like to read more about me click here for my full bio.